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Водоохлаждаемая башня PAD

Производитель: Mita


Features: Adiabatic cooler, condenser

PADcan be considered as a dry cooler implemented with an adiabatic air pre-cooling system which increases the unit per-formance. This machine is suggested in plants in which the attention is particularly focused to the water and ener-gy consumption.

All models are totally pre-assembled in our workshop and supplied with electrical control panel

Basin, casing and fan beds in FRP, light-weight, non-corro-ding, and maintenance free material. Water distribution system and air inlet louvers in plastic ma-terial

Load bearing metal frame in hot dip galvanized steel after fa-brication

Humidifier pack with high water retaining capacity made of flo-cked PVC with wide air/water channels (low pressure drops and sensible efficiency increase)

Finned coil in copper and aluminium

Capacity: from 100 kW to 1 MW (indicative nominal values referred to a 5°C temperature range)